Thursday, 9 December 2010

Just a day till the big knowledge test

So Thursday, and not a lot to do. Well for me but there were four housemates cooking this morning and at least three anxious faces in the kitchen when I rose at a very leisurely 7.07am. The fist left virtually immediately for a 7.30 date with destiny whilst the other two stayed for a few minutes.
On my second cup of coffee the fourth, with an 11.30 start emerged and we drank coffee and discussed the day and the written exams tomorrow.
We have to get the house into some kind of order before we leave so a run to the school recycling centre was on the cards. Sadly we decided that it was essential and, with a car full of rubbish we set off.

The glamour that is the recycling centre
The campus was deserted, if you weren’t cooking you would not wish to be there so, rubbish dumped, a few logs for the fire collected and we headed back. Our other colleague was hovering downstairs and in a fit of guilt I decided to tidy my room before anything else.
Bored with cleaning I essayed a little indexing before deciding that more coffee was what was needed. In the meantime friend 4 had gone for her 11.30 cook but doubted that she would start on time as we had all run over yesterday.
By lunchtime no one had re-emerged, and when they did drift back, it was with tales of being 1 hour 45 over. Seems that the three hour exam should really be 4 ½.
Wild talk of revision filled the air but I concluded that, if I hadn’t learned it by now it was unlikely to sink in overnight. So, coffee and begin the packing. I shall finish it after the exams tomorrow and before the farewell dinner. Two colleagues are, however, leaving straight after the exams and have to get everything sorted by today. We all accumulate additional stuff – 4 files and 1000 recipes for a start – and getting them home could be a challenge, especially if you have purchased half of Ireland and have to get a trans-Atlantic flight. Oh well, provided it goes and does not incur any penalty charge for leaving a mess I am happy.
The a wave of selflessness hit me. Right opposite our house is a clothes bank into which I deposited, suitably wrapped in a bin bag for protection, my entire collection of cooking school T shirts, 6 purple and five white. The last white one was kept, not for sentimental reasons but to wear tomorrow. Saves me taking them home and, if it helps someone who needs a shirt and raises a few euro for charity,good luck to them.
Not a lot happened really but I would like to share some photographic highlights of the last 12 weeks with you

More tomorrow if my brain still works after the exams, and thanks for all the messages of support.