Friday, 10 December 2010

And now, the end is near

Not much of a blog today,6 hours of exams have destroyed my mind and nearly my will to live.

To say that they were eclectic and hard is an understatement. Add to that Irish H&S rules being different to the UK and we were talking foreign language here. Technical questions on the chemistry of spices and the additional two flavours in Hindu ayavedic cookery and you get the picture. Fish recognition and a recipe, Meat and one, 15 spices and 2 recipes, 10 herbs ditto, 10 salad leaves without. The finer points of menu planning - my favourite response to the question what 8 things go into a Standard Recipe was Eggs, Milk, Butter, Flour, Salt and Pepper. The correct answer was something like Ingredients, Equipment, Cooking times and temperature, portion yield, serving method etc.

One person suggested that the best way to cure choking was to perform the Hymen manoeuvre!! To the question "What is a Ganache?" came the brilliant "An elephant headed god from Hindu mythology". The second last question was "What else could you have done over the last 12 weeks" and the final question "Name 8 methods of suicide, and select one".

No it was hard but we have had our knowledge tested to the full and those who survive fully deserve the kudos that comes from having trained at Ballymaloe.

Tonight the end of term dinner. Doubtlessly there will be ample and embarrassing photo opportunities which will be reported tomorrow- assuming my hotel has wifi.

In the meantime my thanks to all at the school who taught me so much, the behind the scenes staff and my fellow students who made it all happen and all worthwhile. Most of all thanks to you Dear Reader, If you hadn't been there I would not have blogged.

Last word from Darina "By now some of you will never want to see another pot or pan in your life, but in a couple of weeks you will be gagging to get back to the kitchen". I think she may be right.

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