Saturday, 13 November 2010

When Saturday Comes

It was a late night in the Blackbird and, as I stumbled into bed at 1:30 I doubted that the alarm would perform its function at 6:30. Amazingly not only did it but the day was clear bright and sunny. Nonetheless I rolled over and had another hour.
It was Saturday, but this would not follow the usual pattern. OK so the washing had to be started but that was only to clear some space in the day. By 10 I had eaten some lovely eggs and toast and was ready for the day. A quick trip to Midleton was on the cards followed by an afternoon watching Wales v South Africa with the Ireland and England games being watched on laptops as well.
Just before we left for Midleton with a colleague from up the road the heavens opened. We drove through rain sodden country side before parking as near to the Market as we could. For me a double espresso was number one priority whilst my colleagues, even more enervated from the night before, opted for Curry from Green Saffron. My own engagement with this fine firm was to purchase some lovely fresh peppercorns and obtain the recipe and spice mix for their epic sticky gingerbread.

Baguettes and Beer made up my colleagues main shopping, in preparation for the game, and we were back in the house with plenty of time to spare so the nub end of Grand Prix qualifying filled the space before the Rugby. As usual a great Welsh opening was followed by the opponents taking the lead and Wales spirited attack just failing to secure the points. Declining the opportunity to watch Scotland in the pub – more from fear of not leaving before the X factor themed night - than lack of interest I determined to commence the filing this evening whilst watching catch up Tv, a cunning ploy to free up Sunday.
It is hard to believe that we are about to enter Week 9, just 13 cooking days left. The pressure is mounting, more recipes per day, more cooking and somehow the need to fit in extra practices, perfect techniques and revise for the written exams as well as plan for the final menu. If I had just dossed my way through the course the pressure would be deserved, but every student has really put in effort and yet we are all feeling the pressure. Changing even simple weekend routines offers a way to create time and improve the chances of success.
 A much needed break last evening, good company good beer good time set me up for a fresh assault on culinaria. Let’s hope it worked

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  1. mmm getting to like wine, nights out at the pub, not getting to bed until 1:30, filing, washing and doing the ironing wonders where the real Bill is you'll be telling me you've given up smoking next!