Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Soup, Salad and Soggy Feet

A better start to the day as the rain had eased off overnight and, as I had a lift to school, there was no need to identify and avoid puddles and areas of swamp in the meadow before we meet the gravel paths. My feet have been wet on so many mornings that trench foot is a very real possibility as winter and more rain make soggy feet a likelihood.

There had been some confusion last night about what we were to cook today, entirely on my part, but a helpful exchange of emails meant that I had a clear idea of the tasks ahead. Even better my patient and supportive partner this week Fiona had offered to take on one of the salads. This consisted of cooking a cauliflower complete with shredded leaves and stalks, dipping it in dressing whilst still hot, and reconstructing the cauliflower on a plate. She did this brilliantly!
 In the meantime I was to make a bizzarre trio of dishes, Pea and Coriander Soup, Potato and Spring Onion Salad, and Pear Belle Helene. All three had amendments after Darina had demonstrated them yesterday. The Chillis were too hot and instead of using one we were now to use one third of one to minimise the heat produced. The potatoes were likely to fall apart and instead of neat dice were were able to produce a 'rustic' salad provided it did not verge on the agricultural. Finally the combination of pears poached in lemon syrup and chocolate sauce was deemed too rich, use the lemon or the chocolate.

These changes did somewhat simplify the agenda but there were still the usual hidden elements, the dressings, garnishes and accompaniments but it looked far more manageable. In the end I managed to plate all three and received relatively favourable comment. Again thanks to Fiona who had made Vanilla Ice Cream and agreed to pair my pear with that for a joint ( and several) presentation.

The pear had been tasted by this stage
No sooner had we cleared down than I had lunchtime duties, serving soup and relaying tables. Once again I managed to miss lunch, is it any surprise that I am wasting away? (Note for Mrs K read that as waisting away). 

A lengthy demonstration involving pastry (urrgh) meant that I am likely to be going into another battle with my demons on Thursday, cue Cerys "When facing my demons I clothe them and feed them and I smile, yes I smile as they're taking me over" or as Edgar Broughton said "Out Demons Out". Mystical ramblings apart I will overcome pastry or die in the effort.

Steak was also high on the agenda and on Thursday each kitchen will be presented with a significant chunk of cow which when we have deboned it should produce steaks for all. Cue old diagram

Lectures tomorrow so a chance to relax and hope that my aching limbs will recover sufficiently to get through to the weekend. Old age does not come on its own, and when accompanied by the tail end of a hurricaane and anticipated overnight temperatures below 0 (fortunately Fahrenheit not celsius - or even worse Kelvin) is able to produce some spectacular aches pains and twinges. I shall continue to pay homage to the great god Ibuprufen and hope for some divine mercy from that direction.

And finally a close up of the soup just to show that I have made some (minor) improvement in presentation.

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