Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sour Dough and Welsh Turnover

Though Met Eireann had issued a severe weather warning as we got the tail winds of Hurricane Thomas “The principal dangers from this weather system will be due to very high seas off the southwest and west coast (waves approaching 9m) and coastal flooding due to a combination of high tides, very low pressure, storm surge and onshore winds. The danger period extends through Sunday night and, for the east coast, much of Monday also.” Saturday dawned bright and clear. Much the way that I felt as the evil virus, vanquished by chemicals and sleep left my body in search of a new host.
Arising at the crack of 6:30 to ensure first access to the washing machine I noticed that one of my housemates was missing, or at least her car was. Jean had gone into Cork last evening to do a night shift at Arbutus Bakery, and seemed to have done the whole 12-7 shift although she had indicated that she would come home early if she felt tired. You may recall that we visited Arbutus on the School Trip but obviously whilst it was quiet during the day. Jean would now get the full on Bakery experience. She returned with a gift worth far more than mere money, part of the Arbutus Sourdough Starter!! Immediately we all asked her to get it into a good dough and pass on some to ourselves.
That excitement over I returned to the more mundane issues in life, the weekly battle with the washing and ironing, but with a fair wind and some imitation enthusiasm from myself it was all completed early enough for a sausage sandwich and coffee.
Later, whilst others went out and about, I had the house to myself and Wales Australia to watch on TV. The usual depressing performance, flattering to deceive, left me feeling unfulfilled so I took advantage of the autumnal weather to have a good wander through the gardens.
The late onset of autumn has left a somewhat bizarre mixture of seasons here. Whilst winter crops such as cabbage and carrot are maturing nicely there is still blossom and straggling hedgerow fruit like blackberries in evidence. Further proof of the weird weather was provided by the Wasp that followed me for about 15 minutes.

The School is undergoing a transformation this evening. Rory O’Connell one of our teachers and Darina’s brother is celebrating a significant birthday and 120 guests are coming to dinner. Potted plants now outline a formal avenue to the front door and large, but unlit, braziers will illuminate the path. A bustling hive of activity in anticipation of the event, and one which I avoided as the unwritten policy here is like that of National Service days in the UK -  if it moves give it a job, if it doesn’t,  paint it.
Armed with a few nice autumnal photos I returned to contemplate an evening of laziness though still with the underlying thought ‘must do the filing’.

And finally a chicken trying to blend into the background. Shame he forgot his bright red comb.

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