Sunday, 31 October 2010

Pumpkins, Punch and "Party On Dude!"

My plans for a quiet Saturday night were rudely shattered, but in a good way. My Natal Sharks supporting housemate having gone to the pub to watch the match returned unexpectedly early and said that there was to be a Halloween party in one of the other cottages and we should go.

Negotiating the field in the dark gave a clear indication of the evenings to come as the clocks go back and reinforced the need to add a torch to my kit.  We made it safely and a wonderful sight awaited. Much effort had gone into carving Pumpkins into lanterns, a wood fire blazed on the barbecue, the table groaned with comestibles and a Punch which was more like a blow to the head with a pit prop.

Spaghetti Bolognese bubbled on the hob and the place was bubbling with excitement and anticipation - apart from the area devoted solely to something called the X Factor, whatever that is.

As much attention had been paid to costume as to food and your blogger, having made no effort whatsoever, felt somewhat out of place though warmly welcomed by all. (In view of the advanced years of some readers the photo of the person in the gold catsuit was not even taken. The aim of this blog being to educate and entertain not cause cardiac arrest or arythmia at least.)

Persistent rain caused much dashing in and out to check the fire and lanterns outside and the Punch needed refreshing on several occasions. As more and more revellers arrived the noise level increased and that strange aero engine phenomenon, noticed in the Blackbird re-emerged. Eventually the volume reached a point at which some form of management intervention was required and "Darina" came over to complain.

Crossing the field back home was even more interesting than the way over and, after several close encounters with shin high box hedges in the Herb Garden, I was grateful for a little moonlight which did not illuminate everything but made the trees in my path a little more obvious.

Now I am not the only person blogging on this course and I would like to direct you all to a great blog by Laura Rego, who was my partner a couple of weeks ago.  Go to to access her alternative take. Reading both together gives a clearer view of life here and Laura's dishes always look much better than
Laura tries to hide from publicity
The additional hour in the morning paid dividends as the ironing was completed well early and by 9 even the F word had been managed. A day now stretched ahead though a major pluvial event made it unlikely that much outdoor activity would take place, and even the stroll for the Sunday papers looked like a non-starter. Poor weather conditions apart, the total dismantling of the Maccams by the mighty Toon brought sunny skies to this particular part of Cork and hopefully is an omen for the next six weeks. Tomorrow it's back to the old routine but with an added sense of purpose and  intent.

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