Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sloely does it

Sunday morning saw an early start to watch the Grand Prix. Unfortunately the Friday evening downpour seemed to have reached Korea and the race was delayed and then pedestrian under a safety car. Much more action was taking place on the road between Pembroke Dock and Cwmbran. Mrs K, making her way home, had become enraged by a German driver who seemed to think that Priority Boarding meant that he had priority over everyone else in the Priority Boarding queue and drove to the front despite not being first to arrive.

Some revenge was exacted when, using her superior knowledge of the geography of the ship Mrs K beat him up. Actually the text continued on another line "to the Club Class lounge". She hoped that he would get off asap as she had to get home to sleep before driving another 3 hours to Brighton. I awoke to a triumphant text message "Wopped the arse of the Germans.on the 1st straight" Honour satisfied she clearly did not exceed the speed limit at all in the 90 minutes it took to cover 120 miles.

The delays to my proposed early morning viewing meant that the washing could be started early so by 8 the all important whites were reflecting the bright autumnal sunshine and a second load, of other colours, was on the go. Storms in Korea also allowed sausage and bacon sandwiches to be cooked and consumed. That left only the filing and a heavy heart.

Fortune smiled in the form of Steve my housemate announcing that we had better do a recycling run. Given that the mutilated carcasses of four chickens and assorted flat and round fish lay hibernating in bin bags and enough bottles to re-launch Threshers lurked in boxes aside the hen bucket of scraps this was a good idea. Off we went to the recycling area at Ballymaloe to do the necessary. As a bonus we were able to raid the wood shed for more logs for the fire.

I hear foodies asking why did we not make stock with the remains of the jointing and filleting class? Well, some of the fish was eaten last night and more will be used today but we will not be making stock. To produce a good one you need good carcasses. Ours were obtained from a well known low cost supermarket for very little as we intended only performing surgery. These cheap and scrawny little birds would have made a very thin stock at best and, unlike organic free range birds they may well have contributed some unwanted medications and supplements. Hence the black bag and consignment to non- recyclable oblivion.
(illustrative Chicken only)
Next I decided that the room could do with a good hoovering. Are you getting the impression that I was trying to delay the filing? Well, maybe I was. Left to my own devices, as some housemates were away for the weekend and others just out for the day, I found activity to expand into the filing time, my piping bag needed to be washed, my knives had to be placed in their new case - the old one was not particularly robust and several inches of razor sharp stainless steel had begun to poke through offering random acts of unexpected surgery to anyone touching it - we needed twigs to light the new logs collected during the recycling expedition etc. etc.

Exciting views of my new knife case
Now there is only so much time that can be occupied before the necessary has to be done - especially if you want to enjoy the upcoming bank holiday, so with the enthusiasm of a sloth on mogadon the filing began.

Then I remembered I have not written today's blog. Oh deep joy, you o esteemed readers have given me another reason to cast aside the paper into plastic placing, ring binder organising, alphabetationthat was my due and postpone it for a while. I was getting around to it slowly but that again reminded me that I promised updates on the Sloe Gin and you haven't had one for a week or so. Here it is and making very nice progress in terms of colour though the tasting will be some weeks off.

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  1. Enjoying your blog Bill. Good luck on Friday!