Sunday, 24 October 2010

The (long) weekend starts here

Saturday was much better weather and, refreshed from my first  night's undisturbed sleep in 5 weeks and an invigorating "Rainfall Shower", I ventured outside for an accurate weather appraisal and some pre-prandial nicotine. "Are you looking to use the spa?" asked the pleasant security guard. "No, I am having a cigarette" I replied. "oh yes, its hard not being able to smoke in your room, er which room is it anyway?" Nice subtle approach I thought and decided to reward him with the truth. "Room 130, and this is the nearest exit" "Yes, it would be Mr..?" "King" I responded. "Enjoy your stay" he said before departing doubtlessly to check my credentials.

Back in the room I underwent a similar interrogation by Janet before I managed to persuade her that the sun was indeed beating down and that the call of the breakfast room was becoming overwhelming. Breakfast over (see yesterday's blog) we checked out having left a helpful customer comment about not serving instant Nescafe sachets in a tin purporting to be Organic Brazilian Coffee - or indeed any other Nestle products.

The Farmers Market in Middleton was the next stop for JT to take lots of pictures, mainly of me near Ballymaloe Cookery School related items and stalls. I am not in any of the following:

From there we did some supermarket shopping to obtain essentials and the makings of a satisfactory al fresco tea for JT to eat in Rosslare Harbour whilst waiting for the ferry home. Having experienced the Friday monsoon I added an umbrella to the list of essentials for the course and invested a massive €4 in a suitable parapluie.

Lunch was taken late in Ballycotton where the first chips in 6 weeks accompanied some lightly battered and freshly landed codling whilst my dining partner partook of a homemade Lasagna and complained about the accompanying Garlic Bread as it appears to be some kind of sin - but only in her current dietary regime Did I mention that she has lost 1/2 stone?

The thorny issue of returning home arose with pressure to set  date to sort the ferry crossing. After minimal debate we decided to see whether Ballymaloe House could accomodate us for one night before returning to Wales. A quick trip over to the house confirmed a room and dinner that evening. I even got a student discount on the room even though I will technically no longer be a student!

Around 4 Mrs K departed for Rosslare to start her journey home and I caught up with last night's blog and partook of an additional master class in jointing chickens and filleting fish with the additional bonus of practicing making paper piping bags. Tomorrow being Sunday the filing and washing return to the agenda big time if I am to enjoy the late autumn bank holiday on Monday.

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