Sunday, 28 November 2010

Gas Gate and the Garryvoe Super G

Sunday dawned in a glare of blinding white. Snow had fallen in Cashel for the first time since the 70’s in November. It was not deep but it was a hindrance, particularly for front wheel drive cars as they developed amazing wheel spin.
This meant that the planned photo safari would not take place. So time to relax, finish a book and include some of the missing bits from yesterday.
With up to 20 people due for dinner it was essential that we had gas for the hob. Sadly on Friday night it ran out – whilst our steak was cooking and also meant that we would not be eating the potato cake accompaniment. The steaks could be transferred to the electric grill but the potato cakes could not.
Of course this was still the state of affairs on Saturday morning, so toast for breakfast and then a hunt for a fresh bottle of gas for the hob. But another minor problem – the motor on the electric gates had burnt out trapping us inside the garden.

Eventually one gate opened and , with the wing mirrors tucked in, the car inched through the one open side. Bigger cars would not manage this and there were 20 odd coming to dinner!!
Off to inlay Jacqui managed to locate a bottle at the local Co-op, but it was collect it yourself. Issues, firstly too heavy to lift, and secondly too big for the car. Luckily Jacqui knows a very nice Polish guy who agreed to pick it up, deliver it and connect it. BUT the gate was still broken and his car and trailer would not get in.

Whilst Jacqui ran some other errands and tried to remember who fixed gates I retired to a cafe for coffee and free wifi access. Just as I finished the coffee Jacqui burst in. “Quick, Google gate repairs Tipperary” she commanded. I complied and within seconds we had the name and number of a man who amazingly answered the office phone and agreed to come and at least release the gates though a repair would have to wait for the part.
As our colleague had gone to tour the Rock of Cashel we shot back to the house to meet the Polish guy and the gas and the man who would let him in. Both duly arrived and did the necessary and the Thanksgiving Dinner was game on.
A late lunch beckoned and we set out for Cafe Hans about two hours after we had intended, looking for our photographically engaged colleague. Twice we circled town and twice we failed to find her. Luckily a reserve strategy was in place, a note on the front door explaining where we were. A third tour still failed to locate our own Captain Scott. I thought that I had a sighting but the distinctive blue hat was wrong. Suddenly the person in the wrong hat burst upon us and revealed that a new hat had been purchased.

From then on you have already heard the story.
As for the trip back today? We left early before the freeze set in again. All went well until Garryvoe just 3k from home where the Garryvoe Super G seemed to be taking place. One bend was a solid sheet of ice. Luckily we passed through untroubled and from then on it was a case of slow and steady to get home.
Well, Mussel Soup and Irish Coffee Meringue call tomorrow so it’s back to business as usual.

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