Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cooking - the books updated version

The brevity of yesterday's blog may have shocked some, after all why use one word when 23 will do? Actually there were two reasons for the scant report. Firstly I went shopping and then for a meal and secondly when I returned the server was undergoing maintainance and I could not upload photos. So here's the amended version.

The only problem with blogging on a daily basis is some days are "No News" days, and yet you will expect a blog. Well Wednesday was one of those days. Usually we have lectures on a Wednesday which revolve around food or wine so there is something to show you. Today was all about business. Ho hum I hear you sigh. And so did I dear reader, so did I.

Actualy it turned out to be both interesting and iluminating. The business side of establishing a catering operation was explained with full reference to the law, health and safety, regulation etc. Sounds dull but not so. The main thing which we learned was that, like a Windows computer, any catering operation is Menu driven.

This determines how big a kitchen you need what storage facilities, how many staff, etc etc.

All good stuff, but  not very photogenic. Even lunch did not rate a photo, which is unusual.

Lunch over we returned to interesting discussions and worked on three case studies to identify business strengths and weaknesses, possible ways forward and what we learned from the studies. Photos of students studying follow:

A day that promised a little learning but delivered a lot.

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