Sunday, 19 September 2010

Finally here!

The waiting is over, the ferry has landed and here I am.
Checked in to the school, been allocated a new build cottage which I am sharing with four others and collected the huge box of files and folders that will hold the course work.

Also been given the folder which contains the first week's work. It is very detailed and not a little daunting.

Oh yes also got final bits of uniform so slightly less like a trainee mullah.


Also had a chance to meet some of the students at an informal soup and salad introduction. Tonight we have a get together to make pizza in the courtyard and I am sure that I will meet the rest of the 62 students on the course.

Tomorrow it all begins in earnest when we report at 8:30 for breakfast, the only one that we get and then spend the day signing on, seeing the farm and having our first lessons and demonstrations. No need for whites as we will not be cooking but first thing Tuesday morning, dressed appropriately and armed with dangerously sharp new knives we will e at it for real.

If I still have 10 fingers more later.

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